The SICE Gold Partner Certification program is an unmissable opportunity for the best Italian Systems Integrators.
Sice Gold Partners have access to a range of exclusive benefits that allow you to increase your sales and your technical competence, and receive reports from end customers.
To become a SICE Gold Partner, you must successfully pass the three SICE Certification Courses "HIPERLINK PTP-PMP", "RADIOLINK", "SMS STATION-WiFi" and achieve excellent sales performance.
SICE Gold Partner Certification is aimed at the best companies operating in the ICT, Telecommunications and Video Surveillance sector on the national territory such as: Systems Integrators, Security Installers and Value Added ICT Resellers.

The specialization course "HIPERLINK PTP-PMP" together with the "RADIOLINK" course deal with the issues of Wireless 5 GHz, 17 GHz, 24 GHz, licensed frequencies and Wireless Video Surveillance systems, providing both excellent commercial and technical skills.

Both courses include a Certification Examination that will allow you to certify the knowledge acquired and issue the Certificate "HIPERLINK PTP-PMP" and "RADIOLINK".

The specialization course "SMS STATION-WiFi" deals with issues related to 2.4GHz WiFi networks for both industrial installations and public WiFi with SMS authentication and Proximity Marketing and Social Login. The course includes a Certification Examination that will allow to certify the knowledge acquired and issue the Certificate "SMS STATION-WiFi".
Becoming a SICE Partner means accessing a competent and professional know-how able to support the customer in the design, installation and maintenance of SICE systems and equipment. The categories of SICE Partners are divided into the following 3 levels: