Remocean maritime radar

SICE acquires Remocean and gains leadership in sea monitoring and surveillance radar’s market.

SICE, leader company in the field of Air Traffic Control (ATC), conquers the maritime market by acquiring Remocean, the best of Italian engineering in the field of sea monitoring and surveillance.

Remocean develops systems based on radar technologies which are used to measure wave, current field and bathymetry, to detect oil spills, small targets and floating waste accumulations such as plastic islands, containers and wood, to monitor marine traffic and research man overboard.

“The experience gained in the CNR laboratories has been transferred to Remocean products, which represent today a worldwide recognized Italian excellence in the field of the sea monitoring,” says Francesco Serafino, CNR researcher and founder of Remocean.

SICE sole director Arnaldo Moriconi declares: “With the acquisition of Remocean, SICE wants to gain the leadership also in the maritime market, as it has already done in the Air Traffic Control (ATC) one. Remocean represents the best of Made in Italy technology in the field of maritime monitoring and surveillance.”

Remocean was founded in 2011 as a spin-off of the National Research Council (CNR) of Naples (Italy) for the development and sale of maritime monitoring systems based on the analysis of nautical radar data. In 2012 AVM, venture capitalist of Intesa San Paolo, entered into the share capital investing more than one million euros in the company. In 2014 and 2015 Remocean was selected among the top 10 startups in Italy and received the first prize in the Italiacamp competition, promoted by the Italian Council of Ministers.

In 2018 WI COM SRL, a company of the SICE group, acquired the Remocean business unit and became the owner of the know-how, brand and systems and started a strong internationalization activity in foreign markets by exporting the successfully tested Italian business model. Remocean systems have been installed on 8 multi-purpose frigates (FREMM), a jewel of the Italian Navy, on ferries, on oil-tankers, on offshore platforms, on FPSO and FS0 ships, on large cruise ships and in various coastal sites for sea monitoring and surveillance activities.


Since 1980 SICE is one of the outstanding worldwidely known Italian telecommunication engineering company, and a world leader in the construction of telecommunications equipment, counting a production of over one million manufactured devices. SICE builds Hiperlan equipment, WiMAX, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Proximity Devices, Laserlink, radio links PDH / SDH, Bridges Radio Broadcast and OEM radio modules up to 43 GHz.

Thanks to its prestigious Research & Development Department, SICE also designs, produces and internationally distributes Air and Marine Traffic Control systems to serve Homeland Security, Military Defense, Environment Conservation and Preservation, and owns several patents for radio and optical broadcasting security.

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