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Air Traffic Control 
RTX transponder 

Vehicular Mode S Transponder

Caratteristiche principali

RTX transponder for terrestrial vehicles
ICAO compliant “Mode S” system
Sections TX 1090 MHz (configurable) and RX 1090 MHz Mode S and Extended via integrated antenna
GNSS/SBAS positioning receiver via dedicated antenna
WiFi transceiver for configuration/against land data stream communications
Dead Reckoning Feature
12 VDC power supply through cigarette lighter socket or external battery
Spontaneous transmission can also be configured in transmission rates and frequency
Display of targets received on display (dashboard navigator function)
Easy installation of the vehicle without holes thanks to the magnetic support
Small IP67 watertight system

Descrizione prodotto

The vehicular system extends traffic control to land vehicles on the airport grounds. VMT(Vehicular Mode S Transponder) optimizes the management of mobile vehicles at the airport and minimizes the risk of accidents with the continuous tracking of moving vehicles. The VMT system creates a real data link between the vehicle and the control tower, with the possibility of bidirectionally transferring even custom messages between network elements, exploiting the selectivity of the "Mode S" technology. VMT is a Mode S transponder that can be installed in a simple and non-invasive way on service and rescue vehicles throughout the airports: it identifies the individual moving vehicles and sends their position to the sensors of the MLAT or ADS-B systems present at the airport. VMT is a device capable of transmitting and receiving "Mode S" pulses and thus encoding data for avionics control systems and decoding the data of vehicles/aircraft equipped with transponders according to ICAO regulations.

VMT naturally integrates with the surveillance and ATC (Air Traffic Control) system, both based on ADS-B technology and on multilateration (MLAT), also for vehicles moving on the airport grounds such as means of transport for passengers, goods, service vehicles, deicing,etc... The transponder integrates a dedicated "Mode S" transmitter and receiver, a GPS receiver, a radio frequency front-end and a latest-generation digital processing unit. The VMT system has a local communication interface (HMI) with a "touch screen" display to be placed on the vehicle to display the positions of land and avionics vehicles in the vicinity of the mobile vehicle equipped with a VMT transponder. The system allows you to achieve a function similar to a navigator, reducing the risk of collision even in conditions of poor visibility. The device can also display information content of messages, even custom, that the control tower sends to the vehicles in motion through group or selective messages.


ATC (Air Traffic Control) systems
Sistemi ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast)
Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems (A-SMGCS)
Airport security and control
Tracking of vehicles in civil and military environments
Increase airport efficiency by avoiding transport congestion
Air and vehicular traffic control in all weather conditions


ProtocolsADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast)
ICAO StandardsICAO compliant Mode S reply DF11 and DF18 (extended)
Other standardsA-SMGCS compliant (Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems)
TransmissionConfigurable spontaneous transmission and on-demand transmission
GPS systemIntegrated antenna with dead reckoning function
Transponder functionTransmission @ 1090MHz with possibility of setting the frequency shift
RF SystemBuilt-in omnidirectional antenna
Maximum output power43dBm adjustable (about 47 EIRP)
Reception sensitivityup to -84 dBm thanks to enhanced receiver
SoftwareWeb-based control interface
HousesIP67 protection
Power and data connector18 poles military grade
InstallationUsing a simple magnetic support
FeedingFrom car battery or external battery 9-32 VDC
OptionsPossibility to combine a graphic display device (HMI) for navigator use with signaling of your position and that of neighboring vehicles in real-time and tracking of the position over time

Codici Apparati

VMT - Vehicular RTX:RTX Mode S vehicle system