CPE Video ATRH0511-2V
Wireless Videosurveillance 5 GHz CPE

Main features

  • 5GHz CPE HIPERLAN 802.11an – TDMA
  • 2 outputs to connect additional Ethernet or power up to two external cameras
  • Single Ethernet cable to connect the CPE or foodstuff Is that cameras
  • Compatible with Mobotix and Hikvision
  • Compatible with MIMO Base Station
  • Throughput: 108Mbps or 150Mbps with MIMO Base Station
  • IP68 protection
  • Scripting support: scheduled backups, alarms
  • Upgrade software, monitoring and remote configuration
  • 48V Power Over Ethernet (POE)
  • Flexible configuration:    bridge / routing, firewall, QoS
  • Plug’n’Play: simple installation
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Product Description

Hiperlink ATRH0511-2V born with the aim to build wireless networks for video surveillance Urbana absolute reliability, security and ease of installation.   Hiperlink ATRH0511-2V is supplied as standard with the 48 VDC power supply Power over Ethernet, and can have up to 2 outputs Ethernet natively to power devices and other Mobotix room The compatible models. Thanks to this feature is enough to draw a single Ethernet cable Cat 5 to handle and feed the CPE and the external cameras.   Hiperlink ATRH0511-2V is the optimal completion of the system Hiperlink Base Stations in multi. Hiperlink ATRH0511-2V the CPE is dedicated professional Public Administrations, System Integrators, Telephone Carriers, Operators and WISP That anche deal with video surveillance Urbana.

Hiperlink ATRH0511-2V II has a standard output ETHERNET type of data and PoE for interconnect or power the camera or other external devices to local 48 VDC. E ‘anche can request the III Ethernet output.

Hiperlink ATRH0511-2V  client is the perfect radio system Multipoint video surveillance and is certified to work with Mobotix cameras and Hikvision . In fact acts as Wireless Client, Router, Firewall, QoS with Possibility of FILTER on Peer-to-Peer, multicast management, etc … It ‘also available in 12V to Shops provide power through batteries or solar cells. The robustness of the system and the degree of protection IP68 watertight apparatuses, Allows to install them in the most difficult parts as marine environments, mountains at high altitudes or desert areas.

ATRH0511-2V hyperlink is widely used in the construction of networks for Security and Surveillance urban networks for the LTZ and Antiterrorism, Wireless Service Provider, Carrier, Military Bodies, Public Administration, University and Disaster Recovery. 


Urban surveillance

Citizen security, LTZ and Counterterrorism

Wireless Internet Service Provider – WISP

System Integrator


Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Networks Private

Emergency back-up / disaster recovery

Military, public administration or University

Alternative wireline CDN, HDSL or Fiber Optics


Operational 5,47-5,725 GHz (available 2.4GHz). Compatible with MIMO networks (802.11n)
Modulation OFDM BPSK, QPSK, 16 QAM, 64 QAM - TDMA
Max Output PowerTX 30 dBm EIRP
Sensitivity -95 dBm MCS0 20MHz/-78 dBm MCS7 20MHz
RF Output port Integrated Antenna 20dBi
Filtri RF filters SICE Filter band pass 5 GHz (optional)
Channel management and Transmit Power Management DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection), Auto Channel Selection,Radar free, TPC function
Standard Ethernet 802.3 CSMA/CD
Power supply POE 48V DCV + up to n.2 extra output ports Ethernet PoE (compatible with Mobotix)
Power Consumption 5 W (only CPE)
Protection Grade water proof IP68
Temperature range -40°C / + 55°C
Pole mounting Poles mm 40/70 (setting H and V).
Mechanical characteristics 265 mm x 265 mm x 95 mm
Peso 1,9 Kg (integrated antenna)
Bridge Multiple bridge interfaces, Layer 2 filtering, RSTP/STP Spanning Tree Protocol.
NAS Functionalities integrated sembra Server compatible with Mobotix cameras
Management and configuration mode Telnet, client, Telnet server, MAC Telnet server, SSH, GUI su SSH, http
IP DHCP client, DHCP server
Ethernet port Fast Ethernet 10/100 Full Duplex, Autosensing
VLAN 802.1q, Multiple VLAN interface, inter VLAN routing
Software upgrade, backup and configuration recover ripristino Via FTP and Drag and Drop directly from system folders
Security ESSID protocol
Wireless authentication WPA2, WPA, WEP, AES-CCM & TKIP Encryption
Network Management Integrated Firewall; integrated Router; Peer-to-Peer Protocol Limitation; MAC-ADDRESS authentication & filtering IP Address Filtering & Protocol Filtering; RADIUS server Authentication (AAA)
Access protection Multilayer users management
Agent SNMP SNMP V1,V2,V3 - MIB II, Bridge MIB
QoS 802.1p (Layer2 traffic priority); IPToS RFC791 (Layer3 traffic priority); CBQ Queuing; Layer 4-7 traffic shaping; Hierarchical HTB QoS system with bursts; PCQ, RED, SFQ, FIFO queue; CIR, MIR; Contention ratios, dynamic client rate equalizing

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HIPERLINK Subscriber Unit 5 GHz (CPE ), Integrated antenna 20dBi, sPole mounting and alimentatore POE power supply + II° and III° Ethernet output port