LoRaWan Gateway
Gateway LoraWan Full Outdoor IP68

Main features

  • LoRaWan Gateway
  • Full Compatibility with LoRaWan Sensors
  • Compatibility with main Cloud IoT
  • Runs Thousands of remote sensors
  • Compatible with LoRaWan and LoRa
  • Full Outdoor IP68
  • Gigabit Ethernet waterproof with resin protection
  • Frequency LoRaWan 868MHz
  • PoE 802.3at
  • NLOS capacity
  • Plug’n’Play: Easy to setup
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Product Description

The SICE LoRaWan Gateway is ideal for all Outdoor Systems M2M (Machine To Machine) and IoT (Internet oF Thinkgs) that need to connect LoRaWan sensors to the main Cloud IoT.



The SICE LoraWan Gateway thanks to his great performance can connect thousands of remote outdoor sensors up to 15km in rural areas and 3km in city area.



The device is connected direct via ethernet cable or, optionaly, via wireless radio (2.4 GHz or 5GHz) or LTE. The SICE LoraWan Gateway is powered by standard PoE (802.3at) and it is waterproof IP68. Our new gigabit connector is protected by resin and it is waterproof also when the cable isn’t inside.



The SICE LoraWan Gateway is ideal for WISP and System Integrator that needs cover a large area with LoRaWan frequency. The main use is for telemetry, flow meter of water and gas, level metering of liquid, enviroment dust, smartcity and smart monitoring.


Wireless Internet Service Provider – WISP


System Integrator



Flow Metering GAS

Flow Metering Water

Enviromental Metering


Frequency LoRaWan 868MHz
Sensor Compatibity Full compatibily with LoRaWan e LoRa Sensors
TX Power 27 dBm
Powering POE 802.3 at < 20W
Protection IP68 Waterproof
Temperature -40°C / + 55°C
Pole mount Pole diameter mm 40/70
Dimension 190 mm x 280 mm x 110 mm
Weight 4,4 Kg
Countryside Coverage 15km
Urban Area Coverage 3km
Cloud Compatibilty with main Cloud IoT services
Multichannel 8 channel
LAN connection RJ45 10/100/1000 Base-T
Wireless Module 2.4/5GHz only Model ATR0810-W
Module 4G LTE Yes only Model ATR0810-M

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Gateway LoRaWan


Gateway LoRaWan and wireless module 2.4/5GHz


Gateway LoRaWan and LTE connection