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Rackmount Professional Power Supply

Main features

  • Specific to power Mobotix and Hikvision cameras 
  • Specific to power radio links @ 18, 24 or 48VDC (SICE, Mikrotik, Ubiquiti and Cambium Networks)
  • Highly modular
  • Scalable: the switching Power modules can be ordered separately. 
  • Ability to connect back up Imput Voltages (eg. batteries)
  • Carrier Grade system Rackmount 19 “2U
  • Up to 12 power outputs (AirPower 4)
  • Up to 28 power outputs (AirPower 8)
  • Plug’n’Play
  • Simple installation
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Product Description

 AirPower is the innovative solution dedicated specifically to provide power to radio bridges and surveillance systems for all types of installation, whether it be of a professional installation in high mountains, whether it be a cabinet of a corporate network.

AirPower works perfectly with all device SICE , both line Hiperlink that line Radiolink , as well as for all radio links with brand Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, Cambium Networks.

AirPower can also be used to power Hikvision and Mobotix cameras.

AirPower solves the need of installers, both civil and military, of a power station for radio and video surveillance systems that require, in addition to a cleaning cabling, a UPS with very high output, able to make up for a lack of mains voltage prolonged, even of a few days.

The design of the power station  AirPower was conceived in interchangeable modules , in order to give the user the possibility of having up to 5 different voltages in the same equipment, also the interchangeability of the modules (including battery charger) allows, in case of failure, a quick repair the site of use. After you choose the various modules and housed in the feeder, an LED on the front indicates the output voltage of the module inserted (5-12-19-24-30-48).

To protect each module (battery charger included) is on the front fuse. The current withdrawable from every single connector depend on the number of loads connected to the single module. 

Both AirPower 4 that AirPower 8 can be ordered ​​according to the needs of the plant. In fact both the switching Power modules that the AirPower POE can be ordered separately, so as to compose ad hoc energy station. The Power switching modules available are: 5V-3.5A, 12V-3.5A, 19V-3.5A, 24-2A, 30V-2A, 48V-2.5A, 3.5A-30V battery charger.



System Integrator


Network Operators

Video surveillance


Industrial or Civil Plants 


Enviromental Monitoring


Rackmount 19" 2 U
Mechanical 260x480x95 (D x L x H)
Weight 11Kg
Input Voltage 230Vac ± 10%
Photovoltaic Input Voltage 24Vdc 3,5A. min
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power 450W
Temperature Range -10°C up to 60°C
Ventilation Forced
Protection Grade IP 20 (indoor)
Batteries Loader Switching Power Module 30Vdc - 3,5A max. fuse 6.3A
Power Supply 5Vdc Switching Power Module 5Vdc - 3,5A max. fuse 8A
12Vdc Power Supply Switching Power Module 12Vdc - 3,5A max. fuse 8A
19Vdc Power Supply Switching Power Module 19Vdc - 3,5A max. fuse 8A
24Vdc Power Supply Switching Power Module 24Vdc - 2,0A max. fuse 8A
30Vdc Power Supply Switching Power Module 30Vdc - 2,0A max. fuse 8A
48Vdc Power Supply Switching Power Module 48Vdc - 3,5A max. fuse 8A
Main Protection Fuse T 4,0A
Dielectric Strength V=2,5Vca x 1' - R > 100M Ohm

Ordering information

AirPower 4

Rackmount Power supply. Up to 3 switching power supply modules (not Included)

AirPower 8

Power Supply. Up to 7 switching power supply Modules (not Included)

AirPower Switching Power supply modules

switching power supply modules with 5,12,19,24,30,48V voltage to be ordered according by the needs

AirPower POE

RACK POE Module. Not included with AirPower, to be ordered according by the needs