7 May 2019

SICE HIPERLINK 5GHz radio links now with Fiber Optic input

SICE presents its revolutionary product's line of HIPERLINK radio links operating on the 5 GHz, 3.5-3.6 GHz and 2.4 GHz frequencies.

Thanks to the new channel 80 MHz width, 256 QAM modulation and the achievable datarate of 866 Mbps for each radio (500 Mbps half-duplex real), the SICE HIPERLINK 5GHz radio links now display all the required features for WISP operators and all those who want to offer video surveillance services.

SICE HIPERLINK 5GHz offer incredibly reliable equipment, even in case of interferences: in fact, there are fiber optic inputs and Ethernet side downloaders, all equipped with an Ethernet connector with special EMI filter. Also they are completely waterproof. In addition, each radio can be ordered with RF filters to eliminate any possible interference from other broadcasters. These professional filters are the result of quality engineering Made in Italy.


Thanks to 4 radio modules, the number of clients that can be connected to a single base station is now doubled. SICE 5GHz HIPERLINK radio links are the ideal solution for Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multi-Point (Base Station and CPE) wireless connectivity needs and they are designed for WISP, System Integrators and Video Surveillance Installers.

These devices have advanced routing capabilities: OSPF, BGP, integrated firewall, priority management (QoS and Traffic Shaping) and they can be verified from the control panel. This allows you to meet any needs for wireless connectivity and any network topology, also reducing the network elements and making it possible to implement even the most complex and advanced projects.

New design, new equipment.

A new die-cast aluminium case covered with a special Alodine 1200 paint and a new contemporary design make these devices really unique, without losing the essential functions that identifies SICE radio links' production since ever: IP68, high radio frequency shielding and vandalism protection. In addition, the new anti-EMI Resin Gigabit Ethernet connector guarantees radio frequency immunity and Ethernet input waterproofing, a feature that is maintained both with the cable gland installed and without the cable inserted.

Sustainable technology.

The new SICE HIPERLINK 5GHz radio links are wholly Made in Italy, they have low power consumption (12W) therefore they are ideal for workstations powered by photovoltaic panels.

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