SICE Hiperlink Premium 17GHz Unlicensed-1
18 July 2019

SICE: Hiperlink Premium for 17GHz Unlicensed band

SICE Hiperlink Premium 17GHz backhaul is a revolutionary point-to-point link designed to operate on 17 GHz Unlicensed band. The system is particularly  suitable for high-quality WISP networks and urban video surveillance systems. It can also be effectively used for public and private networks in urban and suburban areas.

SICE Hiperlink Premium supports LAN-to-LAN for data transmission and it is a valid cost effective solution for the “digital divide” in rural areas. Hiperlink Premium for 17GHz Unlicensed band is an excellent and reliable platform with short leadtimes and its frequency is exempt from any 5 GHz interference that saturates most areas, It can be used both in bridge mode (Layer 2) and in routed mode (Layer 3) networks and includes routing protocols such as OSPF, BGP, and MPLS.

SICE Hiperlink Premium 17 GHz backhaul is designed to operate in extreme weather conditions and it is powered by 12-24 and 48 VDC. Sophisticated demodulation circuits provides the device with a high sensitivity.

SICE Hiperlink Premium 17GHz can be used in a wide range of applications including urban video surveillance networks; WISP networks; private networks, data and LAN-to-LAN interconnections; IP connections to Utilities networks (gas, electricity, railways, etc.).

Main features

  • Point-Point system TDMA 17 GHz (Unlicensed)
  • AC protocol with 256 QAM (max PHY rate 433Mbps@80MHz-1 stream)
  • Integrated directive Antenna 17GHz 28dBi 6°
  • Innovative Circular polarization 
  • SISO Protocol (max rate 210Mbp/s)
  • bridged or routed Configuration (Static, OSPF, BGP, MPLS)
  • Integrated Firewall (NAT & Filtering) and QoS management
  • Hight resilient paint
  • Power supply Power Over Ethernet (P.O.E.) 48Vdc o 12Vdc
  • Built in surge arrestors  
  • Optional: powered by Solar Panel
  • Radio type OFDM 
  • Plug’n’Play : Simple installation