SICE SMS Station hotspot wifi
7 May 2019

SICE: SMS Station is now compatible with Cambium Networks Hotspot WiFi, Mikrotik, Ruckus, Cisco

SICE SMS Station Hotspot WiFi updates with high-performance solutions and it is now compatible with other brands' devices. 

Being connected today is a necessary condition to drastically improve the way we manage every aspect of life and work, and it allows your customers to grow their business by optimizing their time.

But how do we add value to the way we connect? SICE updates the SMS Station hotspot WiFi solution with a highly advanced technology. The "all in one" appliance SMS Station is now compatible with other brands such as Cambium Networks, MikroTikCisco and many others. SICE SMS Station is able to manage hotspot networks in a very simple, complete and effective way.

SICE SMS Station is the intelligent and value-added hotspot WiFi solution suitable for all WiFi needs. Easy to set up and manage, SICE SMS Station will give you everything that other software can't give you, allowing you to operate in a unique and extraordinarily smart way.

Equipped with an easy and intuitive dashboard, SICE SMS Station allows you to not only manage your hotspot and end users, but also to monitor service retailers (only SMS Station V model) and managers (figures who physically host the devices) with the possibility to set product policies, prices, discount rates, user access, domains, models and everything related to the hotspot network. The multi-user system allows you to provide unlimited access to the various roles that interact with the device.

Why choose SMS Station?

Social login: users can improve their browsing experience by connecting to the Internet through their favorite social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google).

Welcome Portal: a wide choice of templates to customize every aspect of the portal according to your needs, for a higher digital experience.

Multi-language: login in 8 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, French, Italian, Spanish).

PayPal & Voucher: SICE SMS Station is designed with advanced technology that keeps your hotspot network and all your data safe while selling internet traffic with online payments or prepaid cards.

Grow your business. Choose SMS Station Hotspot Wifi: practical, intuitive, easy to manage. Compatible with other brands: Cambium Networks, Mikrotik, Ruckus, CloudTrax, Cisco Meraki MR series, LigoWave, Cradlepoint (Beta).

Do you need to implement a WiFi Hotspot project? Want to discover SMS Station plus?

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