SICE S.p.A. is the first European manufacturer of “SMART ROAD SYSTEM”.

With the installation of more than 300 systems on over 80 km of infrastructure on Strada Statale 51 ‘di Alemagna’, SICE has created the first Smart Road experience in Europe pushing the country towards the digital transformation with the integration of next generation of Smart Mobility and Smart Cities.
Thanks to this technology it is possible to make the roads safer thanks to the interchange of critical information in real time such as sudden braking alerts, dangerous situations or events, presence of emergency vehicles, information on delays, accidents, construction sites and replication of signs on board the vehicle. SICE Smart Road systems also offer users useful services such as alternate routes, traffic conditions, and support for autonomous driving.
Finally, the motorways managers can also optimize the control and maintenance of infrastructure and civil works through the use of IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning solutions, in order to increase integration and efficiency.

Fully designed and engineered by SICE, the Smart Road solution is a complete system combining the RSU (Road Side Unit) and antennas, it is patented and CE approved and suitable for the main pole installations.
Thanks to our products it is possible to create a turnkey communication network consisting of vehicles and infrastructure on the three protocols:

  • CV2X: standard vehicle communication protocol that allows communication from a vehicle towards any receiver. The protocol has implemented by all major car manufacturers
  • 802.11p: DSRC (Dedicated Short-Range Communication) protocol for inter-vehicle communications networks
  • Wi-Fi 6: wireless in-Motion link developed according to the state of the art IEEE 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) standard in order to guarantee maximum connectivity both 5G and LTE
SICE Smart Road System

SICE Smart Road System Solution

SICE Smart Road System
  • Operates multiple connections and services simultaneously: ITS DSRC CV2X, 802.11p and 802.11abgn/ac/ax
  • Compatible with standard OBU and Smartphone
  • Extended coverage range
  • Ready for 5G plug & play
  • Power Over Ethernet 48 Vdc 802.3 bt Power Supply
  • Flange suitable for any type of radome/pile combination

Smart Road System technical features

Wireless Connectivity DSRC CV2X, 802.11p
WiFi StandardWI-FI in Motion 802.11abgn/ac/ax
Optional Network ConnectivityFiber Optic, GigabitEthernet, LTE/4G/5G
SafetySXF1800 FIPS 140-2 level 3 compliant (more on demand)
CV2X Sensitivity-93.6 dBm typ.
802.11p sensitivity-99.1 dBm typ.
CV2x Frequency Band5850 – 5925
802.11p Frequency Band5850 – 5925
WiFi in motion2400-2483,5 MHz; 5150-5350/5470-5725 MHz
Georeferencing GNSSGPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou
Opening range H/V antennasomnidirectional 360° – 4° @ 2.4 GHZ, dt 3° @ 5 GHz
Antennas polarizationvertical/horizontal linear
Antennas gain10dBi@2.4 Ghz – 13 dBi @5 GHz
Antennas crosspolarization>25 dB
Maximum transmission powerEIRP according to ETSI standard
Exposed surface1,1 mq @ 360°
Dimensionaccording to the type of pole/radome attachment

SICE Smart Road System: watch the video

SICE Smart Road system is the ultimate solution for smart road projects implementation and a growing reality in an increasingly technologized and advanced world. Smart Mobility is a new idea of road that aims to help driving safety by integrating it with mobility services such as traffic optimization and criticality improved management, in order to make roads and highways even more efficient and safe.

Ask for information about the Smart Road System solution offered by SICE. Our team of engineers is at your complete disposal to support you in the development of your Smart Road project.

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