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OEM Solutions 
Duplexer SICE UHF 

5-cavity duplexer filter for duplex radio

Caratteristiche principali

» 5-cavity duplexer filter for duplex radio
» 400 – 500 MHz frequency range
» Properly calibrated, thermal chamber cycle tested
» Temperature-stable components
» Return loss < – 20dB
» Insertion loss < 3dB
» Rejection @8MHz > 60dB

Descrizione prodotto

Duplexer SICE UHF is a 5-cavity duplex filter for duplex radio. This duplex filter is tunable within 400 - 500

MHz. The device is properly calibrated, and it is has been tested in thermal chamber cycles.


» Wireless Internet Service Provider – WISP
» System Integrator
» Carrier
» Wireless Systems
» Disaster Recovery
» Military Sector


Weight3 kg
Operating Temperature-30°C to +60°C
Frequency Range400-500MHz
Technology5-Cavity Duplexer
Bandwidth4MHz @-3dB
Insertion lossMax 3dB
Return loss< - 20dB
Max. Input Power50 W
Impedance50 Ohm

Codici Apparati

Duplexer SICE UHF